[Terms of Service]

1. All rights and intellectual properties related to this game is owned by Gamepub Co., LTD.

2. Gamepub Co., LTD is not responsible for actions of players of our published games.

3. Making adjustments to the software or its data, senseless actions, or abnormal network approaches may result in a permanent ban or make the user in question liable for the monetary/legal damage it caused.

4. Downloading the game on abnormal devices or through abnormal means may result in the game not working properly.

5. Based on the customer's network connection, network functionalities might be slowed down or limited. Gamepub Co., LTD is not responsible for disadvantages caused by this.

6. Problematic data that are sent or received between customers (illegal trading, offensive language, offensive nickname, copyright) may be deleted without any warning. Legal liability related to the uploaded data is on the customer who uploaded the data, and not on Gamepub Co., LTD.

7. Game accounts must not be shared with others. Gamepub Co., LTD isn't responsible for any disadvantages caused by personal carelessness.

8. Network features in the game may be limited or terminated due to server maintenances, server replacements, or server malfunctions.

9. Customers are required to receive an authentication from our server to authenticate themselves when they connect to our services for the first time. After the authentication, user information (cellphone number, connection logs, authentication date, payment history, game version) will be stored.

10. On top of that, other authentications related to verifying users or registrations may take place when customers connect to our game. Ingame items and cash will only be valid until the game's service shuts down.

11. Your data will be reset if you change your device or delete the application.

12. You can request for a refund within 7 days of purchasing cash items.

13. Even if you are eligible for a refund, it may be declined if more than 7 days have passed since the purchase, if the item's value has decreased dramatically, or if other limiting factors are present.

14. Customers are responsible for taking care of their own mobile device, and should not let the third party to use their device. Gamepub Co., LTD is not responsible for damages caused by losing your devices or letting the thrid party to use your device willingly.

15. Gamepub Co., LTD does not collect personal information that can clearly identify users such as resident registration number, date of birth, or E-mail addresses.